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Chinese RoadSign Navigator 30000000 pixel camera make the road 1080p full HD video
GenuineKayRuckerTravelMoreFun Rich, map information timely updates, 3D real navigation, intersection guidance
5inchHDScreenGoldenRatio Space, don''t block the view, the perfect match
UltraSensitiveTouchOperationAt High sensitive resistive touch screen, flexible operation, convenient and quick
FixeSpeedCatchAllInOneDraft Equipped with genuine DSA system combined with GPS positioning, timely prediction of various solid
Fixed speed
FlowVelocityNemesisRefused USA imported high sensitive radar, 12G widescreen technology, full band detection
High quality road sign Ten years focused on driving car navigation in the field of road service online
A, sign road electric products of bending resistance, the product has good tensile, carry carry kneading, corrosion 
A, continuous product development, continuous quality assurance, extensive sales channels
B syndrome, ten years focused on&nb
A syndrome, circuitelectricity has 1 national invention patents, 1 utility model patents, patent 3
B, composite fiber&nb
To Meet The Personalized Needs
A, provide the best and efficient customer service, the best-selling products at home and abroad market, in coopera
To Meet The Personalized Needs
Company Profile

Shenzhen city road sign Cushion Technology Co. Ltd is the earliest China A GPS engaged in the development and application of the high technology enterprise, from the 1996 GPS satellite technology industry design project, currently the company has 16 years of struggle in this area now be conscientious and do one's best, gradually become the industry benchmark enterprises enjoy a high visibility.
Since 2010, the company relies on its own advantages to gradually get involved in the field of OEM, ODM, the company strictly in accordance with the requirements of ISO standards to establish quality management and embody the environmental management system, the use of standardized production, to the introduction of foreign advanced production technology improvement and technology, has many well-known domestic GPS, mobile power brand to provide processing services, widely praised by industry circle.
Companies adhere to the people-oriented, scientific management, talent is the core competitiveness of enterprises. The company and the relevant scientific research departments to maintain long-term exchanges, with high quality professional R & D personnel

SZCityRoadSign ElecTec Co.Ltd.
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AskVideo Noise
AnswerThe main reason is due to the low powerSolution: t.[Detailed]
AskThe recorder in the shooting images of black, .
AnswerThe reason is due to the large contrast scenes, th.[Detailed]
AskAfter the video recording or hazy blur
AnswerThe main reason may be the lens clean enough, or t.[Detailed]
AskCloudy or indoor conditions, image is not perf.
AnswerSolution: adjust the white balance.[Detailed]
AskTachograph knowledge compilation
AnswerA: the recorder function and optional skills1: rec.[Detailed]
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Shenzhen city road sign Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.
Address: Shenzhen City, Baoan District Gongming Town White Pine Industrial Park area B building B
Zip code: 518106
Tel: 0755-33501369
Contact: Mr. Lin
Mobile phone: 15013758111
Address: www.zlz-dz.com

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